The rich are mentally ill. If that doesn't concern you it should because they are also psychopathic and homicidal. So whether you are aware of it or not, we have literally given a small group of homicidal psychopaths complete control over our lives. The control mechanism is government. IF YOU WORK FOR OR SUPPORT THE EXISTENCE OF GOVERNMENT YOU ARE A FORCE FOR EVIL.

Now That I Am Conscious

October 3, 2017

Justin Pierre James Trudeau, you know that empty promise of "real change" you spoke about on election night? Well it has arrived in spite of you. You were right though, it is time. Let's begin by speaking the truth. You are not the "primary minister of the Crown" or the "head of government for Canada". You are a being in conflict with your true Self. These titles are offensive. You are not special. You are the greatest negative force in this country today. The violence currently affecting those targeted in Edmonton is the inevitable result of your decision to support US aggression against the people of the Middle East. By assuming this persona you are ultimately responsible for the suffering caused by the institutions you have chosen to command. Thankfully this authority you use to control others is weak. Proof of this is that you have no authority over me. And I am a man with no title, no money and no power. Yet here I stand in polar opposition to everything you represent by speaking out publicly about the true nature of your role in our society. This should convince those compelled to serve your agenda that you have no legitimate power over them. Your only power is to deceive the weak. I say these things publicly for one reason. To prove to everyone that it is possible to say NO to you, NO to the gang you hide behind and most of all, NO to the authority your government claims is legitimate. We were all born equal but you have proven to be defective. The character you dress up as and pretend to be is an opportunity lost. You should have corrected what has been wrong for over a hundred years in this country but instead you chose to perpetuate a lie created by the devils you descended from. Your deception is your part in the violence carried out against everyone who suffers under the system you sit in charge of. This violence is committed through those who threaten our freedom and safety by agreeing to carry out your orders with a gun. You know all of this and I NO you. And now that I am conscious of it, it is my responsibility to speak the truth about you and those like you.

To every cop(y) who has willfully chosen to carry out any act of aggression against any human being because this man or anyone like him wrote some words on a paper and called it a law, I feel sorry for you. You have sealed your fate and no act of redemption will save you from it. I cannot even comprehend the fear you will face when you finally real(eyes) what you have done. Take off your costume, put down their gun and beg for mercy. Hear my words echo inside your empty skull. I want my freedom and I have just taken it back. Do not dare try and take it from me again.

To those of you considering whether you should come to the defence of these psychopaths, make this decision (care)fully. You now have ACCESS to all the information you need to know the truth about how their service to this government is harming everyone forced to live under its control. Your support of this madness should be taken seriously. The choice is yours and yours alone. You ARE responsible for your actions. To those who are conscious, our freedom and safety are possible and achieving this is simple IF we care. LEARN right from wrong so that you can CHOOSE RIGHT. Do not fear this information. Your instincts in this instance are misguided. You ARE responsible for your inactions. You are pure energy. You are powerful. We are all ONE CONSCIOUSNESS.


March 11, 2018

Change The World

Read Carefully

June 23, 2018

You cannot support government without being in opposition with God. That Force granted you True freedom. This gift comes with one responsibility. You must protect it. The laws you and your politicians force on others is called violence and it destroys this freedom. The suffering this creates is consuming you. How much longer will you ignore this? If any of this does not make sense to you, ask someone you trust for help understanding it.

This is the Truth and you now have it. You can no longer claim you did not know that what you are a part of is wrong. You should take what I am telling you very seriously. You will now make a conscious choice between creating freedom or destroying it. Choices have consequences and the quality of your life are the consequences of those choices.

True Free(dumb)

March 8, 2019

True Free(dumb)

Shawn Steven Clarkson. Peace.

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